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Ways to Revive the Orchid

Ways to Revive the Orchid
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  • 18th May 2019 6:03 pm

What are the ways to revive the orchid, what to do to open the orchid flowers can learn details from our content.

Most women love the orchid, which has a very sensitive structure but is quite beautiful in appearance. The care of the orchid is more difficult than the other flower or plant species. There are ways to revitalize orchids that are in certain stages. These methods are tried-and-tested methods. But we don’t know if every orchid will work. You should try and see. You can learn the item matter from below to ways to revive the orchid.

Ways to Revive the Orchid

If the roots of your orchid are damaged, first cut and clean the damaged roots. Then thoroughly wash and dry. After drying, place in a dry and empty pot. Make sure the pot is transparent and large. Then place a paper towel napkin in a transparent bag. Tie up this bag and put it on the pot. Place the orchid in a place that is not bright but bright. Over time, it will revive again. This method is called mini sera method.

Another method is done only at certain times. Clean the rotten roots of orchids after the second week of May. Add water to a container and place the orchid. Leave this orchid only for 2 hours in the morning and evening in direct sunlight. You have to wait 4 hours a day in total. Perform the same procedure every day for approximately 20 days. Take it out of the pot every time you take it out of the sun. Then put it back again. When rooting starts, sow in a transparent flowerpot with the rods in a supported manner. Keep the orchid in an open area that does not receive direct sunshine. Take care to water the orchid from the time you put it in the flowerpot. Watering should be done every evening for one month. One month later, the orchid will be revived.

Ways to revive the orchid

Reducing the orchids unnecessarily and causing you to lose them. The orchid likes light and doesn’t like too much water.
If the roots begin to decay immediately intervene and clean. Otherwise, the decay will spread to the whole plant.
Always support the branches of orchids with pine rods.
Watch out for orchid soil. Not every soil is healthy for growing orchids.

You can also have a look at the other ingredients on our website about orchid care. If you have orchid bloom methods that you know and effective, if you want to share with us, you can contact us via instagram @canimannecom.

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