Easy Crochet Motif Cardigan Pattern Sample, Red, White, Blue Floral Bookmark

Easy Crochet Motif Cardigan Pattern Sample, Red, White, Blue Floral Bookmark

We offer a very nice option for bookmarks, which are the main accessories for book and knitting lovers. This floral motif bookmark pattern is an easy one to crochet.

It is very simple to make and visually pleasing to look at. If you are also interested in bookmarks, we recommend you to take a look at the other bookmark designs in our website. You can find many designs and patterns in different colors and motifs.

While we were preparing our bookmark, we used 3 cotton threads in different colors. We used 3,5 number of crochet needle suitable with our threads. You can choose the yarn you will use according to the materials you have at home. You should also choose the crochet number according to the thickness of your yarn. While knitting the model, minimum 2 and maximum 3 colors can be used. Richer visuals can be obtained by adding details such as beads and tassels in addition to the material used in the video.

You can prepare handouts as gifts on special occasions, and make your loved ones happy with a motif bookmark. It can be a very good encouraging especially if you want your children to get used to reading books. You can knit color by color and make a heartfelt gesture.

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