Motif Crop Sweater Pattern

Motif Crop Sweater Pattern

We are here with a description of a sweater that you can wear over bodies and shirts, which will warm you up in cold weather and provide you with a very stylish look. We will continue to share with you the descriptions of models like this, which have become increasingly common recently.

You can knit this model, which we will share with you with the narration video of Hayatım Knitting Youtube Channel, both for your child and for yourself. We will create this sweater by knitting and combining in the color combinations you want.

If you wish, you can create this model by using different motif models. Do not forget to browse our site for many motif models and descriptions.

We send our thanks to Hayatım Knitting Youtube Channel for sharing the knitted Crop sweater model with us. For more content like this, you can like the video and subscribe to the channel.

There are more narrations, dowry knitting, practical information and recipes like this on our site. Don’t forget to browse


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