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How to reproduce aloe vera

How to reproduce aloe vera
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  • 18th May 2019 7:22 pm

Aloe vera is a plant species that is quite important for how aloe vera skin is reproduced, it is used in many products. It is the most natural useful plant used frequently by women in toothpaste cosmetic products and skin care mask recipes we make in our house.

Aloe vera how to reproduce, care, how to raise questions in response to a beautiful article and we will try to help you with great video narration.

I can say that our ladies can easily grow in their homes and skin mask is the most beautiful product. In my home, which I used for the skin care and aloe vera plant, which I prefer to look first, how we should look. And how do we use it for the skin?

How to reproduce aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant that easily grows in a home and office environment.

It is a kind of flower that loves light and warm environment.

In the winter months a watering will be sufficient at 10.

In summer, it will be enough to give water 1-2 times a week.

When watering, it is better to pay attention not to come from one point to another.

When water is given too much yellowing leaves.

The use of flower pots is a strong flower type of aloe vera roots that are not so important to be deep. It would be more appropriate to cultivate in aquariums.
When growing flowers, quality soil should be preferred. Not only apply to aloe vera, we should be given regular water to be shown to take care of all the plants we care for.

It is useful to change the soil of our aloe vera flower once a year.

Do not place directly in the sun and wind environment, leaves will be affected and begin to yellow.

Aloe vera reproduction is quite easy. They must be at least 2 years old and have very frequent leaves.

We have to remove the leaves from the main body by putting them in the water and we can make the ones that are rooted can be planted directly.

How to reproduce aloe vera video lecture


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