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How to Make Strawberry Care in PVC Pipe

How to Make Strawberry Care in PVC Pipe
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  • 20th May 2019 9:08 pm

Strawberry Care in PVC Pipe How to make strawberry cultivation methods are detailed in our content can find.

If you want to grow the strawberries which are a popular fruit of the summer, you can try the method we have prepared for you. You can install pvc pipe on the garden wall and easily grow strawberries inside. You can try this method in your own garden. On the PVC pipe mounted on the garden wall you can learn the item matter from below how to make strawberries care.

How to Make Strawberry Care in PVC Pipe

Break certain parts of PVC pipe.
Then fill the seeds with strawberry seeds.
Two weeks after the first planting, crush the quail eggs and cover with soil.
Give half a liter of milk by spraying on the leaves every 15 days. You can give the milk until it drips from the leaves.
Give the burnt sheep manure every 15 days.
Put 1 kg of manure in 20 liters of water, wait one day. Shuffle, give every root until it sucks.
Water every 15 days with aquarium water.
You should dissolve an aspirin in half a liter of water every 15 days and squeeze the water into the leaves.
Always give cinnamon powder once for root health.
Strawberries will give the crop when the time is up.
You can also watch how the video is done from below.

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How to Make Strawberry Care in PVC Pipe video


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