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How to grow potatoes

How to grow potatoes
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  • 21st May 2019 2:54 pm

How to make 1 bag potatoes with 1 kilo of potatoes, what are the tips of raising potatoes in sacks.

Due to the recent increase in the prices of potatoes and onions, most people started to grow these products in their own garden. Cultivating potatoes in sacks is quite simple and has a high yield. It is easy to cultivate potatoes for those with garden houses. You can sow the peels of the patataes you have robbed. You know, instead of throwing the puffed potatoes into the trash.

Hope to be together again in the new garden ideas, everyone who loves garden work is waiting for our page. Wishing you to train the most beautiful delicious patataes.

How to grow potatoes

Sprouted potatoes divide into 3-4 pieces.
Then put the soil mixed with animal manure according to the size of the sack.
Put the potatoes in the bottom and middle and put the soil back. Take care not to place too much soil.
Potatoes will grow in the sack in a short time.
You can also watch the video from below.

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How to grow potatoes video lecture


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