Zippered Baby Vest Pattern

Zippered Baby Vest Pattern

Our zippered baby vest pattern is very popular and very useful tunus work vest pattern we offer to our valuable followers.

Zippered baby vest is one of the most preferred mothers. We’ve tried to tell you the most beautiful way to make you hope that I like to use the vest and I’m sending you my wishes.

Baby vests are among the multi-match clothing used in almost four seasons. That’s why we need a lot of vest samples. I think the most stylish and beautiful zipper will be detailed. Personal preferences may vary.

In our new learners, video narration will be quite helpful. It is a model that you can easily do. You can choose different colors. The zipper details and how the sewed section is available with details in the video description. Goodbye with my wishes to be together again in the newest video narratives.

Zippered Baby Vest Pattern

2 Different colors were preferred.

Suitable for 1, 1,5 Age.

1 piece zipper.

First we pull 50 chains. Let’s make a loop from each chain. Let’s get it back one by one. Let’s continue this way until the end of the line in 1 reverse and 1 straight line, let’s draw the loops one by one when we get to the end. Let’s continue the same process until 5 rows. Let’s connect a different rope and continue our model. You can follow the video for detailed explanation.

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Zippered Baby Vest Pattern video lecture


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