Women’s booties shoes pattern free with two skewers

Women’s booties shoes pattern free with two skewers

A great booties for those who like boots in the booties of women’s booties with two skirts are in your liking. In addition to our foot, which is indispensable for winter months, we can offer a lot of booties for those who say that they are not handmade .

It is a very elegant model for those who like two knitted booties . The fact that the button is detailed has added a distinct elegance. Women’s booties that you can enjoy the model of waiting for your liking.

Pattern models, which are the sine qua non of girls’ dowry, are selected with the best examples. The construction of two skirts and female booties will be the most elegant model that can be constructed as dowry. Video narration will be very helpful to our friends who want to learn new. I wish to make my friends wish to make it easy now. Hope to be together again in new booties models.

Making of female booties with two skewers

Women’s Boots with Two Skewers 36-37 for Number Feet

Ingredients 1 knitting rope was preferred.

Use of 3 mm line skewer

6 Pcs button to decorate

3.5 Number of crochet selection

Patik model consists of two parts of the upper and lower part of the upper part of the first 20 pieces we start by throwing 3 rows of 5 and 3 replica are doing 3 times we repeat.

55 We’re knitting three stitches with 5 stitches and we are doing hair weave with the help of crochet.

Lower part 45 are starting to stitch 8 teeth harosha we make the loops right 14 left 14 middle 17 shape 17 stitch over 29 teeth harosha we are covering the nose 6 cut through the loop to stop 11 stitches on the sides by removing 32 stitches we continue in a single piece by making the bottom part of 8 teeth We finish it.

We sew two pieces with the help of needles and finally we finish our boot by adding our buttons.

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You can apply the two booted female booties with video narration.

I would like to thank you very much for this beautiful female booties model.

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