Women vests knitting free pattern

Women vests knitting free pattern

Everyone from canimanne.com Hello, we made the videotapes of the ladies’ vest model that received the most requests from you. The lady’s vest we made is known as the braid pattern, let’s make it up for those who are curious. We have explained all the details of the lady vest model from the beginning to the end of the video, we ask you to watch the entire video. Our hair braided vest model is 38-40. It is knitted in 3 pieces. The rear portion is set as 91 stitches, the fronts as 60 stitches. A medium thickness rope and a 4-ply skewer were used.

We definitely  recommend you to look at the body size chart for the measurement . First we start with 7 tooth harosa. Then we make our hair braids. When we do the front parts, we make single hair weave. This hair braid will allow us to create the collar portion after the end of the front part. We have to cut from the armpit to the shoulder.We will complete our jelly by showing our latest sewing technique. Each model is usable in our model. Make it easy for all your friends to do it already. We look forward to your comments. Thank you.

Female vest making video description

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  1. Sheena singh says:

    Mayi please have the English instructions for the women’s vest pattern. Many thanks


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