wavy openwork pattern

wavy openwork pattern

Wavy openwork pattern is a model of beautiful and stylish knitting techniques. The model is also known as cauliflower. You can add elegance to the production of vests, dresses, cardigans and sweaters by applying them in many knitting models.

For those who like knitting patterns, cauliflower knitting will add vitality to the beautiful models.

Since the cauliflower knit model is a sliced model, it will provide quite elegance in knitting models in extreme detail.

Video narration will be very useful for our friends who want to learn new. It is a knitting pattern that you can easily do. Goodbye to the new beautiful knitting models again ..

wavy openwork pattern

According to your desired rope preference model, the skewer number will change as the rope is thick and thin.

Model work starts at the tip of the skirt.

19 stitches were started for construction. 2 Tooth harosha Let’s take the first stitch is empty Let’s knit two stitches together We will knit two stitches together 3 times in total. Wrap the bottle in total and weave 6 times flat. Let’s knit the two remaining two loops together to complete the sequence. You can throw the number of stitches according to the model you want to make.

Let’s knit all of them from the back of the knitting pattern. Let’s knit it as a harash in the front. 4 Let’s knit in the back in reverse order. Model installation consists of 4 ordinary. This is the model that continues in this way.

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wavy openwork pattern video

Elif pirenvise baby I thank you very much for this beautiful knitting pattern.

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