Verev Ajur pattern

Verev Ajur pattern

Verev ajur pattern ın summer, we can call a knitting model that can be used in many knitting design

Blouse can be quite beautiful in the construction of our design can be used. Vest making, bolero is a knitting model that can be designed as a long cardigan design

Verev can be made of mesh bag from the openwork design. You can make a difference by using two color rope in the file bag design. You might have a chirping bag in your hand. The summer season will be very good.

In our knitting designs, our ladies can make quite a difference and we are trying to share your good examples and share your ideas. I hope our video explanations are useful for you. Hope to be together again in the new video narration.

Verev Ajur pattern

Let’s start by putting the stitches according to the model you will do first. First, let’s do a lot of harusho. You can do direct model application if you want. It’s up to you. Let’s take the first stitch without knitting again after a straight knitting, and we cut the knot together and cut it. Let’s do the same operation until the sequence is frozen. You can turn our model and reverse all stitches and follow our video for detailed explanation. Good luck with

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Verev Ajur pattern turkish video narration


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