V Slice Red Color Female Leopard – 2018 – Rüksan Atak Sökmen – 4K UHD

V Slice Red Color Female Leopard – 2018 – Rüksan Atak Sökmen – 4K UHD

ISBN 978-605-88104-0-2
V Slice Red Color Female Leopard – 2018 – Rüksan Atak Sökmen – 4K UHD

V-Sectioned Model with a Beginning of the Length – Female Mandarin Construction – Full Narrative – 2017 Rukan Sökmen – 4K UHD
https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = lj7az …

Knitting Production Courses Production Rüksan Atak Sökmen
Children’s and adult clothing
Rakkan Sökmen’s general explanations are in the subtitle section of this movie on YouTube
This pattern can be applied to every knot

On our Knit Design and Production channel, we broadcast short videos for beginners. general knitting lessons, knitting how to knit lessons, showing various tips and knitting examples. The knitting model you prepared is described in the chapter section, the last stitch from the first loop and all the tricky points like the stitch until the thinnest detail.
We have prepared and presented models of knitwear for babies, baby clothes, baby jackets, baby sweaters, knitted dresses, various jile models, patten models, skirt models for babies, beret models, weft and beret models, coat and blanket models we do.
You already write about everything you want to know about our knitting models as a comment under our videos, we answer. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel for new design and practical information we offer shortly.
We carefully read every comment you write under our videos and answer your questions. So you can ask us by typing in any kind of comments you have in mind.
Hello lovers of knitting lovers. Knitting Design And Production Channel Welcome Welcome.
This channel has very nice models we have prepared for knitting lovers. We are releasing a new design at short intervals. In these models we try to teach you what to do step by step from the first loop to the last step.
We do all the explanations, if necessary, until we reach the sewing thread.
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We will love you
Camera / Text Writing Mehmet SÖKMEN
Speaking Rüksan Atak SÖKMEN
Date of Shooting 04.06.2018
Production Date of Production 04.06.2018
Video Production Production, Broadcasting and Directing Mehmet SÖKMEN – 0532 525 84 93
web www.mehmetsokmen.tv www.youtube.commehmetsokmen1

V Slice Red Color Female Leopard – 2018 – Rüksan Atak Sökmen – 4K UHD


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