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Two Skewers Easy Booties Pattern For Free

Two Skewers Easy Booties Pattern  For Free

The easy pattern of the two skewers is the model of the most beautiful booties that can be included in the pattern. Different colors and stitch reduction can be applied according to the smaller foot number.

The booties continue to take place among the weavings of our ladies. Stylish and different booties are made on our page. Do not decide without visiting or clicking on our link.

Our video explanations will be of great benefit to our ladies who want to learn new. Goodbye with the wish to be together again in new booties.

Two Skewers Easy Booties Pattern For Free

Two Shish Easy Booties

Suitable for legs 37-38

Materials 2 ball of yarn

3.5 number line and normal skewer 3.numara crochet needle

Our boot model is started with 11 stitches from the nose section. We’re doing the harosha model in a row. In the flat part, we increase a stitch from the left to the right of the flat loop in the middle.

We’re increasing until we have 41 stitches. For the side part of the colored rope we are knitting 20 loops. That’s how we weave both sides of it until we have 25 teeth.

The nose of the shoe is sewn up to 4 stitches. For the base part, 83 stitches are removed at the sides. In the heel, 20 stitches are made on the right and left sticks until 7 stitches are left. The remaining 7 stitches are made of 3 stitches subtracted the heel part is completed. Edge lace is made. You can follow the video for detailed explanation. Make it easy for anyone who wants to do it.

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Two Skewers Easy Booties Pattern For Free video lecture

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