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Two-color blanket pattern free

Two-color blanket pattern free

Two-color crochet blanket pattern free You can choose a two-color blanket pattern, easy to make and visually beautiful crochet pattern in knitting patterns. It is a pattern applied with handrail technique. It is in the knitting group that can be made in beret, vest and scarf making. Crochet samples are often applied in baby blanket and vest patterns. Since the construction stages are quite easy, our new learning friends prefer crochet patterns.
On our site, crochet knitting patterns have a very wide content. We continue to publish knitting options that can suit all segments. You can also find Tunisian knitting and needle knitting on our site.
Two-color blanket pattern free
Use of two colors of rope
You can choose crochet according to your hand and thread.
Let’s pull a chain in the size of the knitting to be made. 7. Let’s make a 3 railing for the chain. Let’s pull 3 chains and sink into 3 chains, make 1 railing and complete the row. Let’s make a box from even numbers. Then we make double handrails inside the boxes, turn back and pass through the handrail at the back and make a handrail. Let’s complete the row by going back to the two handrails in the box, passing through the handrail and making the handrail. By switching to the other color rope, we pull three chains and stick to the handrails with a frequent needle and come to the beginning. It is a pattern that repeats itself using the same technique. You can apply it by watching the video narration for its detailed production. Good luck with..
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Two-color blanket pattern making is free


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