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Twisted Efe Vest Pattern

Twisted Efe Vest Pattern

The Design of the Efe Vest with Auger
Today we are talking about the pattern of a twisted efe vest . You know, winter is coming . Wouldn’t it be nice if we knitted a stylish vest for little gentlemen?
I preferred cotton rope as a rope, but you can choose according to the possibilities you have
The creased ropes produced for the efe vest can preferably be used with them. Again, according to our rope, you should choose skewers according to whether the weave coming out of your hand is frequent or loose.
Details of the pattern of the vest pattern
We start with 3 loops in front of them, no matter how many years we want to do it for. We increase two loops in each row, right and left, and expand them until we reach the desired size of the body. We put augers on the front part of the pattern. There had been quite a few friends who wanted us to do the auger pattern.
We have prepared a compatible vest for 6 months for ease of expression. But you can prepare it according to the measure you want according to the narrative.
I hope it was a useful lecture for you.
We are certainly waiting for your feedback.


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