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Tunisian Work Flower Pattern Free

Tunisian Work Flower Pattern Free

We offer you a flower narrative for you, which you can use in many free knitting patterns.

You can make crochet floral motifs in booties patterns, magnet making, hair band decoration for girls. The waistcoat is an example of motif that can look very nice in pocket details or collar detail for knitted sweater.

You can use Tunisian floral motif as an ornament on the bags you make for summer. You can make colorful flowers and apply elegant decorations in shawls and scarves. Wishing to be together again in the new video narration goodbye.

Tunisian Work Flower Pattern Free

Booties are used. You can use a pattern or a different rope.

Use of Number 2 crochet

First, 5 chains to create a ring and pull 5 chains to sink into the ring. We pull the two chains and turn our braid upside down and take the loop out of the second chain and sink it back to the ring and take out the loop twice.

We’re raising. We stick to the same place and apply the process of removing stitches. We create two groups of loops and leaf detail from the side. 8 It is a process that continues until the queue. You can watch our video to learn how to make our model in detail. Good luck with.

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Tunisian Work Flower Pattern Free VİDEO


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