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Tunisian Pattern Baby Vest Free

Tunisian Pattern Baby Vest Free

Tunisian pattern baby vest is a vest pattern that suits you for free whether souvenirs or orders. Its construction will provide you with ease in video narration.

You can make your Tunisian baby vest in different colors for your children. You can apply color change for girls and boys.

We believe that they can add to their orders by applying the Tunisian baby vest pattern which can be a very nice pattern among our ladies who take orders in baby vests. Do not decide for different vest patterns without visiting our page or don’t forget to click on the links. Wishing to be together again in new knitting patterns.

Tunisian Pattern Baby Vest Free

Suitable for 1/2 age.

2 Color rope preference

3.5 The use of Tunisian crochet


Our vest pattern consists of three parts. They can apply as one piece to the one.

Let’s start first from the back, 60 stitches will be enough. It’s 28 inches in inches. Let’s remove one stitch from each chain and there will be a total of 60 stitches. Let’s collect the loops in pairs. In the second place, we start to install the brass model. Let’s continue to build our pattern and continue to collect stitches in pairs.

Rice pattern 6 knit in total. We start to apply flat patterns. As 19 centimeters, we have knitted 19 centimeters of plain weave and we are re-establishing the brass pattern. Our pattern continues with knitting of front part and sleeve and collar cuts. You can watch our video for detailed explanation. I wish to make it easy for those who will do it already.

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Tunisian Pattern Baby Vest Free VİDEO


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