Tunisian Design Pattern

Tunisian Design Pattern

We offer to you the appreciation of our valuable followers. A great video narration awaits you for those who love the work of Tunisian knitting techniques.

Baby vests and vest waistcoats that you can apply to the wonderful model of Tunisian work we think you can enjoy.

You can use the Tunisian knitting technique as a weft. In knitting models, many of our friends are familiar with the application technique and the video narrative will be of great benefit to our ladies who do not know and want to learn. Hope to be together again in the new video narrations.

Tunisian Design Pattern

Tunisian model

4 and 4 yesterday is our model and 1 more.

You can choose ip according to the model you want to do. You can choose crochet according to rope.

Let’s start by pulling the chain first. Let’s pull the chain from the chain and weave the last stitch, pull the 3 chains, pull out the 4 stitches and pull out the 3 chains again. This is the first line of progress. In the second order, loop removal process is performed. For detailed model expression, you can follow our video by applying. I wish all those who would like to do so very easily.

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Tunisian Design Pattern VİDEO LECTURE


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