Tunisian Business Babe Vest Pattern Model, I Can Mother

Tunisian Business Babe Vest Pattern Model, I Can Mother

Tunisian Business Babe Vest Pattern Models, Merhabalar friends we are with new tunis business babe vest model. Knit Models in this video – My Mother Anne We have shared with you the narrative of the pattern of the knitted baby vest that was sent to us by our mobile application on request. I would like to ask your friends who want to know how to make this model to watch the full video. All details are given in the video. It’s easy for friends who will sample Tunisian business knitted baby vest model. You can share your videos with our mobile apps by watching our videos.
http: //www.canimanne.com/tunus-isi-b to …
Materials: Tunisian nets and ropes.
How it works: We start with the chain in the desired dimensions and we cover the tire part. I made this part with brass model, you can apply the tire model you want. After we finish the tire in enough length, we go to the modeling stage and we attach the second color. We continue with the brass model again until it reaches the middle part of the knitting. In the middle, we set up five flat stitches. Right and left side rice is flat in the middle with five stitches and we make our model by making the right and left side of these five stitches (only the main color ipte). It’s a nice model you can use for both girls and boys.
Everybody come easy ?

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Tunisian Business Babe Vest Pattern Model, I Can Mother


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