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Tunisia Useful Sweater Pattern for free

Tunisia Useful Sweater Pattern for free

Tunisian knitting has a special place in the hearts of knitting lovers with its unique style and delightful dec among knitting techniques.
The tip of our apparatus, called the Tunisian crochet or tunisian skewer, has a crochet-shaped beak, and the back is the length of the skewer. The patterns have 4-5 different sizes depending on the width of the braid. It is being designed by more people than before. For this reason, we can now easily find varieties of tunisian crochet (skewers) in every haberdashery. Even for comfortable knitting of large and wide pieces such as blankets, 1mt. there are also very useful varieties, the back of which has a fishing line in size.
The design and pattern of children’s sweaters in Tunisia has been asked by our dear followers for quite some time. We tried to create a description of our very useful sweater according to your wishes. Our pattern can be applied for both boys and girls. even friends who don’t know how to knit at all can easily knit by watching.
We used batik baby rope and tunisian crochet . At the final stage, one knitting needle and one pair of scissors are needed .The color and thickness of the rope is entirely up to your personal choice. According to your preferences, you should choose the appropriate crochet number for the rope you have chosen. beginner friends the right choice to make a pattern, you can choose the crochet number that is written on the label of the rope you will use.
I used a 100gram 320mt rope and a 3.5mm tunisian crochet. We begin by pulling a chain of the appropriate width according to the age of the pattern. You can adjust the pattern according to the child or the width of the child’s clothing, or you can use our size measurement table for measurement information at this stage. we pull out the chain of sufficient length for its lower part, and then remove one loop from each chain and stack it on our skewer. when the chains are finished, we remove the loops by adding them one by one back. after knitting 4-5 rows of rubber details, we switch to plain knitting and proceed with plain knitting to the point of the sleeve house.. sleeve cut collar cut and tire details are given in all details in our video. we sew the two most recent front and back parts, combining them and completing our sweater. you can easily knit a sweater without ever getting stuck by watching our video.
I suggest you watch our video for all the fine details and tricks at all stages. especially for new learning friends, we have included very useful information in the video. you can support us by sharing our video on your social accounts so that we can reach more people after watching it.
I already wish you all the conveniences. For more different and more patterns, don’t forget to check out the tunisian knitting patterns and children’s knitting categories on our website.


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