Three-dimensional vest pattern

Three-dimensional vest pattern

Three-dimensional vest pattern design for girls or adults and those looking for a pattern knitting pattern, you can easily apply the butterfly knitting vest pattern with great visuals by watching the video narration. Crochet is a seamless vest pattern. The pattern applied with the handrail technique is an easy-to-use vest work.
For those who are looking for a crochet knit vest pattern, you can opt for a three-dimensional vest pattern. In different baby vests, just click on the link in our article. There is a very wide description of knitting vest patterns on our website. You can study the examples by visiting.
Three-dimensional vest pattern pattern
suitable for 5 to 7 years old children.
The pattern consists of 10+ layers.
Its width is 37 centimeters
Height 43 inches
The use of two-color rope
Choosing a crochet according to your hand and rope
Pattern Creation: First, let’s set the number of chains 254 chains were drawn in the pattern description. After setting your chain number, let’s create a binary handrail pattern on each chain. There are 250 handrail patterns in total.
In the second row, let’s draw five handrails for the edge handrail, let’s draw a chain, let’s draw a blank and nine handrails, let’s draw a chain, let’s draw a blank and nine handrails, let’s do the same operation until the end of the row, let’s apply the edge handrail at the end of the row.
It was knitted with the same knitting technique in 30 centimeters in the pattern description. The process of knitting and cutting 36 rows is applied as the number of rows. Details of the sleeve separation and collar, pre-cut operations, butterfly pattern application can be found in the video description. Good luck..
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