The Pattern of the Cloud Baby Vest

The Pattern of the Cloud Baby Vest

Among the baby vest patterns, the cloud vest pattern is one of the most knitted and preferred ones. Decollete vest pattern is the most preferred one among the baby vest patterns. Those who are looking for different baby vest samples can access these patterns from many pages on our website. You can find out the pattern of this pattern by examining our article titled Tunisian Business Baby Vest Pattern. Our content is also in the form of video and illustrated narration of baby vest patterns. The cloud vest pattern is also one of the same contents. Those who are looking for an example of a narrated baby vest can access them on many of our pages such as this. After the continuation of the article, you can find details about the design of the cloud baby vest.

An Example of a Cloud Baby Vest
How to Make a Cloud Vest Pattern?
How to make a cloud vest pattern? Clothes with buttons on the front, which are convenient for children and babies, are always more preferable. Examples of hand-knitted vests are also among them. Decoupage of a vest Bulut baby vest with side buttons, that is, the cloud vest pattern, is also one of the examples that mothers knit and use a lot. This pattern, which you can knit in any colors you want, is known for being cute and useful. In the continuation of the article, the cloud baby vest pattern, which we have detailed in the form of an example of a 1-year-old baby vest, is waiting for you. 76 loops are enough for a 1-year-old baby cloud vest pattern. You can also knit this vest for your baby, as well as for your children by increasing the number of loops.

The Pattern of the Cloud Vest
The Design of the Cloud Baby Vest
For the creation of a baby vest pattern, skewer No. 4 is suitable. We also need 4 buttons for our vest. we can start by throwing 76 loops for an example of a baby vest for 1 year old. The cloud vest pattern video content is also at the end of the post.

We knit the first 4 rows as harosha.
To leave the button place, we make a pattern of 7 loops of harosha rubber and increase it by 1 loop.
We knit 10 loops for the front part and increase them by 1 loop, knitting 3 loops in reverse.
We increase 1 loop again and knit 12 loops for the sleeves.
we increase 1 loop and make 3 loops of the reverse knitting pattern.
We knit 17 loops in a row. we increase it by 1, knit 3 inverses and increase it by 1 again.
we knit for 12 sleeves and again we increase 1 loop and knit 7 loops for the buttonhole harasho.
We also knit a pattern of a baby cloud vest and other examples of processing and sew on it.


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