The pattern of the Baby Cardigan

The pattern of the Baby Cardigan

There is always a tradition that takes place in the process from the past to the present. This is a tradition; every mother starts knitting something for her baby who will be born while she is still in the womb. These knitting patterns, which can also be knitted without knowing the gender, are put on the baby after the baby is born. Mothers who have been working for maybe days for something that will be worn for 3 months or 5 months, will do it with pleasure. Because knitted knitting patterns will be, in a sense, a souvenir that will be kept for life. Newborn babies, especially the first 1 year, become very sensitive and because their skin is also very thin, they get twice as cold as we get. When the birth coincides with the winter months, they must necessarily be dressed in layers. Ready-made baby cardigan patterns, which are very helpful in this regard, are ideal for babies.
It will be useful for everyone to have one or more of the baby cardigan patterns ready-made.there will definitely be clothes bought when the baby is born, but clothes knitted by people around you will also be useful to you. There are certainly people who can knit cardigans. It’s easy to knit a cardigan or sweater for babies. You can knit it in 2 days with the help of a crochet or skewer. When knitting, the front and back parts are sewn by knitting and combining separately, resulting in a cardigan. The easiest type of knitting is the rice pattern, which is knitted with skewers.
For one of the patterns of a baby girl cardigan knitted for a baby girl; first take 52 loops, knit up to 17 cm with brass knitting. Continue with the reduction pattern. For this purpose, when you come to the side of the arm, take two of the latest rice and cut it into a pattern. If we go to the front, throw 32 loops. 5 continue with the rice in the form of 1 inverted 2 flat 1 inverted 2 flat. It will be in the form of two straight, one-loop braids. After 4 rows, use the pattern as the first hair braid. There will be 6 rows in the continuation, and a hair braid will be crossed in 4 rows. The hollow of the forearm, 2. After bending, it is patterned as 3+2. And the collar part is 6. In Bending 5+3+2+2 close the pattern so that there are 12 loops left for the back and shoulder. Then proceed to 17 cm of rice, starting with 90 loops for the back side of the cardigan. Knit 5 loops on each side one by one. Take the other loops in pairs and make a crease pattern. The number of loops will decrease to 50. Cut 3 loops at a time for the sleeve. there will be 44 loops left. And for the neckline. 6. After 4 rows without bending; 12 shoulders and in turn 2+3+10+3+2+12 continue cutting in the form of shoulders. You can also print the arm parts if you want. Complete the cardigan by combining the parts in the pattern.


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