The Pattern of Summer Hats

The Pattern of Summer Hats

We present the most beautiful hat Patterns of summer hats to our dear followers. The design stages are available on our website with video narration. You can visit our site..
Decollete Patterns are among the most beautiful accessories in summer. Hat Patterns suitable for clothes are highly preferred. The use of hats is indispensable, especially for girls. You can apply the most beautiful hats by studying my patterns.
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Crochet Summer Hat Patterns
Soft paper rope was used.
suitable for 10/12 age group.
the use of a 4.5 mm crochet
We start with the magic ring Pattern. We make a pattern of 6 frequent needles inside. Let’s sink into the same spot twice and complete the second row. We continue with the augmentation technique. We continue with a double and a single frequent needle application. Let’s complete this row with two single or two double patterns. Let’s knit until we get the size we want as a single pair of three. Each ranking continues in increments of three singles. There will be 12 rows in total. Our pattern is patterned with a head circumference of 53 centimeters. You can apply it by watching our video for a detailed description.
About 150 grams of paper rope
Crochet number 2.5, you can use it at number 3.5.
How to decorate a pattern of moon cherry
The age range is up to 3,4,5,6,7,8 years, these sizes become larger or smaller for a row increment Pattern or the initial 2 frequent needle more or less december.
Let’s start with the magic ring pattern 1 row of 10 frequent needles 2 rows of 20 frequent needles 3 rows of 1 pair of 1 single we are going down. 4 rows also 1 pair 2 single 5 fr rows 1 pair 3 single 6 fr rows 1 pair 4 single 7 fr rows 1 pair 5 single 8 fr rows 1 pair 6 single 9 cu rows 1 pair 7 single 10 cu rows 1 pair 8 single needle Patterns after finishing the increments and 1 pair 8 regular needle Patterns from each pore 13 rows height 10-11 cm
Skip 1 pore from the edge fan Pattern, skip 2 pores, 5 grain 2 li handrail Patterns, skip 1 2. we put 5 2 li tarabzan 2 rows into it at the join point and we put 5 handrails in the previous row with the pattern 3. we often frequent needle needle deseniyor sinking sinking the rail in the previous row we repeat this process continuously a fan of the new size that you want to deseniyor desenabilir 10 cm Desentim finally, often with the help of our rope we follow fan needle and needle combination of cherries and finish.


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