The pattern of a knitted baby cardigan with infinity buttons is free

The pattern of a knitted baby cardigan with infinity buttons is free

We present our baby cardigan pattern, which has a very beautiful button detail, to the liking of our dear followers. The pattern is a cardigan pattern that starts with a collar knitted in the harosha technique and is quite easy to make. Button details greatly increase the visual appeal of the pattern.
Cardigan patterns in baby knitting are among the knitting patterns dec are knitted quite often. Cardigans, which have been used for almost four seasons, are among the most decently knitted clothes. New patterns, different cardigan patterns are always being sought. You can find cardigan patterns on our site.
This is a cute baby cardigan with infinity buttons
it is compatible for ages 1.5 and 3.
The use of 2 Colors of rope
Skewer number 3.5
Sewing needles
Bead fiber
Desenilis: 60 start, loop start, loop 11 and 1 desenal increase two loop plain weave set the trap and trap arm for auction, the auction increment loop 7 loop 1 Set 1 set the trap for the rear two 16 plain weave, openwork flat again desenal loop the loop and loop again 7 11 2 flat collar and sleeve for the bidding process for the front of the trap set. Let’s knit it with the harosha technique, increase it and continue knitting the openwork pattern.
Let’s knit by the same logic until there are 25 openwork ones.
38 Loops for the front part
57 Loops for the sleeve
There are 70 loops on the back.
We continue by knitting the sleeve detail. First, we knit the sleeves. Then we proceed by knitting the back and front parts. You can apply the detailed pattern by watching the video narration for the opening. Good luck..
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