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The pattern of a hat with a paper string

The pattern of a hat with a paper string

We have prepared our wonderful paper rope hat pattern for the summer for you, our dear followers, we hope that it will be a stylish hat that you will knit with love.
Although it may seem difficult to weave paper rope, I leave the link to the video narration with the paper rope smoothing technique for you. You can reach it by clicking. It will be easier to knit with smoothing.
No matter how you call the hat pattern, the video description will be very helpful for you. It will provide you with a lot of convenience with detailed description. You can give wonderful hats with patterns to your loved ones as a gift during the summer. Goodbye with the wish to be together again in the new video narrations.
My paper rope hat pattern
Ingredients: 1 skein of paper rope weighing up to 300 grams
number 3 is 2.20 mm. Needle
The preferred dry floral lace ribbon for decoration, etc.
Pattern Creation: First, we start by drawing 8 frequent needles into the magic ring from the top of our hat, and when we get to the end of the row, we close our row by scrolling the loop, in the top row, we increase the pattern by inserting 2 frequent needles into each frequent needle. And we repeat this process by applying an increase at the top of our hat until we get the desired size. Each sequence is described in detail in the video description. When the top of our hat is completed, we knit the pattern by increasing or decreasing the number of frequent needles in the last row to give a dimple. In total, we proceed from the top we started with until there are 34 rows and we apply a fan pattern to the ends. In the last row, we complete our hat with a reverse frequent needle work pattern as an edge application. Good luck..
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