The pattern of a Baby Vest Starting from a Crocheted Collar

The pattern of a Baby Vest Starting from a Crocheted Collar

Crochet Baby Vest Pattern Starting From the Collar Welcome to the YouTube Channel.

Starting from the crochet collar, the baby vest pattern is one of the most used clothing items for little ones. We wanted to share with you the baby vest pattern that is used quite a lot during the winter and seasonal transitions, we hope you will like it very much.

Baby vests are among the most favorite crafts with patterns that our mothers and grandchildren and dec are always knitting.

Baby vests desenip sales desenan can be considered a pretty beautiful pattern for our ladies. You can reach different vest patterns. It is possible to visit our page or by clicking on the links inside our article.

You can use any brands of rope in baby vest patterns. It will be useful for you to use the choice of crochet that is suitable for your hand. Our video lectures will be very useful for our friends who want to learn new things.

I am already sending my wishes that it will be easy for our friends who want to create patterns with the wish of being together again in many new designs and new knitting patterns. goodbye

Crochet Baby Vest Pattern Starting From the Collar
Details and patterns of a baby vest starting from a crocheted collar
It is a pattern that begins with Tunisian work. The continuation is knitted with a crochet.

Suitable for 1 Year Old.

1 Piece of baby wool is preferred.

3.50mm crochet selection

Let’s start removing the loop that starts from the collar with 60 chains, let’s remove four loops, sink the same point and make 14 loops, let’s make an increase of 15. let’s start with the increase pattern in 21 loops, continue with the increase again in the continuation of the 14 loop pattern and remove the loops, let’s get to the beginning.

As for the place of the increase in the continuation that starts with the increase, let’s continue with the pattern of the increases. Let’s remove the loops again. It will continue in this way, starting with the increase pattern from the beginning and continuing with the increases in the middle part.

Our vest can be applied by watching the sequel. You can find the size chart and detailed description in the video.

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