Sweater Knitting Patterns

Sweater Knitting Patterns

Knitted sweaters are worn by all of us. In the old days, our elders used to be in the competition because I would have the best Sweater Knitting Patterns. We grew up with knitted sweaters. We dressed with love, dressed up. Knitted sweaters keep you warmer in winter than ready-made sweaters. We need to dress up in knitted sweaters as much as we can. Of course, no mother wants her child to get sick. In order to be healthy, it is necessary to eat well and dress properly. Dressing a knitted sweater is more beneficial for your child.

Is it possible to knit a sweater without knitting at all, it is necessary to knit it once in our lives. Sweater Knitting Patterns such as women’s, men’s, children’s knitting sweater patterns. Knitting sweaters is very beautiful and useful at the same time; long, short, we all have to knit sweaters. Let’s knit sweaters with two examples together. Our first example is Knitting Sweaters with Holes. Our sweater consists of back, front, collar and sleeves. Let’s start at the back first. Back: start with 71 loops, knit 3 rows of harashos and 4. start the sequence with 4 loops of harasho. Then throw 9 loops and cut them, throw 9 loops and knit harasho, cut 9. Continue in this way and finish by throwing the last 4 loops and knitting a harasho. After knitting the next 3 rows of harasho, throw 13 loops and start with harasho and cut 9 loops again, throw 9 harasho, 13 loops and finish with harasho. We make 9 holes up to the shoulder, and the total length should be 62 cm.
Start with 71 loops for the front and start knitting like the back.. 9. after the hole, you must first cut the collar into 10 loops, then 2 loops. When there are 26 loops left on the shoulders, finish the front part.
As for the collar; you should take out 86 loops from the collar and knit 23 rows of harasho.
And finally the sleeve.starting with 63 loops, knit 3 rows of harashos. In the next row, you should cut 9 harashos, 9 loops and continue in the form of 9 harashos.
after knitting 10 rows, you should drop to 60 loops. after 2 rows, reduce it to 58 loops and finish the handle without cutting it. The sleeve length should be 43 cm. Use goodbye.

With our Sweater Knitting Patterns that you knit, you will be warm in winter and you will never get cold. The indispensable thing in winter is a knitted sweater. Wearing knitted sweaters with wonderful designs in their patterns will make you different, it will make you feel privileged.


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