Strawberry Baby Beanie Pattern Free Tutorial -Two Skewers

Strawberry Baby Beanie Pattern Free Tutorial -Two Skewers

Strawberry Baby Beanie Making-Two Skewers
Materials required for our strawberry berry knitting model
Ab 3 Colors nako elitbaby ip
? Number 6 skewer
Iğ And sewing needle

Strawberry Beret Knitting Pattern
√ Starting 80 stitches
Lastik An inverted flat tire
Ör 15 rows of knitting
Geç Straight weave
Artır In the first row of flat weave, every 10 stitches are increased by a total of 8 stitches.
Say Total number of stitches 88
Ör 31 rows of plain knitting
√ Repeat 10 rows of 1 stitch pink 1 stitch to be green
Ür In the 2nd place, the greens will be 3 stitches, and the pinks will turn green in the same order. All the pinks will turn green until they are green. and the beaker is finished by sewing from the back.
Ölç Cm dimensions
14 Tire width 14 cm
Cm Width 17-18 cm after the tire
18 Length length 18 cm

NOTE: the numbers we provide are based on the materials we use

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Strawberry doll beret making-two skewer VIDEO EXPRESSION


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