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Socks from Frog Hand Puppet DIY

Socks from Frog Hand Puppet DIY

Sock frog hand puppet will be the most beautiful playmate you can make to your children. There will also be a family activity activity for children.

We have made puppet making in our own corner and we hope that we will share it with you and you will have a nice time with your children in the beautiful winter evenings.

You can choose the frog hand puppet from stocking in different colors and decoration details. Making it is very easy, you can do it in a short time with detailed video narration. Goodbye to do it yourself in the corner again.

Stocking Frog Hand Puppet Making
Puppet Making

Sock puppet making

Green Socks

Silicone use

2 Piece Moving Eye

Stocking Frog Hand Puppet Making VIDEO

2 cheerleaders

The use of felt or cardboard is up to you as you prefer the color.


First, we cut the nose of the stocking and use it into the felt. Cut the felt according to the front of the stocking. And we use two felts to glue it with silicone. We stick the pompoms and stick the eyes on them. You can do this by watching the video lecture for other details and construction. We wish to make it easy for everyone who will do it already.

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