Simple Crochet Pattern

Simple Crochet Pattern

The simple crochet pattern is a multi-purpose knitting technique. You can apply it to the models you want, which are quite easy to do.

Those who want to make fiber from the pattern making can set 4 times the number of +1 edge chains. If you want to make a weft in the same way by adjusting the chain you can be a stylish weft.

If you consider making a vest, you can pull and adjust as many as you want. I think it’s a knitting model that stands quite plump and shows itself in the vest model. Color preference is up to your liking.

Especially if you like crochet work, you can do it without difficulty. In our new friends, video narration is very helpful. Hope to be with you again in the new knitting models.

Simple Crochet Pattern

Fiber rope was preferred in the construction of the model. You can choose ip according to the model you want to do.

Number 2 crochet.

The first order of the model is made on the chain. The sample moves in two rows. Repetition is continued with row repetition.

First of all, let’s draw 37 chain 5 chain 3 Let’s do the handrail. 4 Let’s do 3 handrail. Reach the rope 2 times to the first tarabzana and then rope around again and leave a chain empty 3 Let’s do a handrail. In our model, we have to make a railing and go back again and again we are applying a railing. In this way, our first line continues in this way. On the opposite side of the model, we make a railing and turn to the face and make a crossing to the cross section and apply the visuality of the model. You can follow the video narration for detailed construction.

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Simple Crochet Pattern video lecture

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