Simple Baby Shoes Pattern Free

Simple Baby Shoes Pattern Free

The simple baby shoes pattern is the booties pattern we call free sandals style. It can be made in different colors for summer. You can use light shades of summer in colors appropriate to your clothes.

Our mothers who know how to knit booties indispensable in babies think that they apply many patterns.

We present different sandal pattern booties to your liking in our ladies who do not know any boundaries in knitting patterns. Wishing to be together again in new knitting techniques.

Simple Baby Shoes Pattern Free

Suitable for 3/6 month old babies

2.1. mm use of crochet you can use prone to your hand.

2 pcs wooden buttons

You can choose your desired brand booties rope, two colors are used.

The booties pattern is double based. Let’s start with 19 chains and make 10 frequent needles and 6 handrails. Let’s make 7 double handrails in the last chain. Let’s do the same tarbzan application to the other side. 10 We make frequent needles, and let’s make 2 frequent needles to the last front part and tie them with the slide technique. Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and make 16 double handrails. We have made a total of 14 handrails on the 7 handrails we have made double handrails, so we do the base part with the increase process. It is 11 centimeters tall and 6 centimeters wide.

We are combining two soles. Then we finish the sandal model by making details of the edge. You can watch the video for detailed explanation. Good luck with..

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Simple Baby Shoes Pattern Free

Thank you very much for this beautiful booty model.

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