Rice Women’s Booties Pattern Free

Rice Women’s Booties Pattern Free

We offer a wonderful booties model with two sample applications made of hull and brass model booties. It is a wonderful booties model that you can use as a daily or a dowry.

You can wear and wear as a gift if you like to wear booties and brass models. A very different kind of booties that are welcome in the foot today will follow the new booties of our valued followers think we will follow the model will be your favorite booties.

Patterns of booties are indispensable in our daughters’ dowry. The booties decorating the engagement bags continue to be among the most popular handicrafts.

The booties and brass model booties will be a good example for you. If you are looking for different booties samples. Don’t forget to visit our website or click on the links in our article.

Our video explanations will be very helpful for our learning women who started to make new booties. Hope to be together again in the new beautiful knitting models.

Haroshow and brass model booties
The number 36/37 is suitable for feet.

You can choose the brand you want to boot the booties.

Depending on the thickness and thinness of the rope, you can choose skewers.

Let’s start by throwing 16 stitches. Let’s do a two-in-a-line increment and let’s keep knitting a reverse straight and let’s do a looping in the last part. On the back of the opposite flat on top of the reverse. Again in the front of the increase in the same way on the reverse, flat, flat on the top of the veil continues. Let’s continue to increase until our loops are 42 stitches. In total we complete 24 rows. You can follow the video narration for detailed construction.

Our model is as easy as a model though. If you wish, you can apply the whole model to haros or with a different sample.

Simply click on our link for the construction of booties, knitting, knitting and handicrafts all and more. We are very happy if you support us with your likes and shares in your social accounts. For the continuity of video narratives, sharing is very important.

You can apply the video of the booty and brass model with video narration.


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