Ribbon embroidery drawing samples

Ribbon embroidery drawing samples

Ribbon embroidery drawing examples are used in many models of ribbon work made as dowry. In the dowry of our daughters, ribbons technique such as rug, towel and bundle are preferred.

Embroidery is the new favorite ribbon embroidery. Pillow model, table cloth, bag models, our clothes are processed.

Ribbon embroidery is a technique that is very easy to make. There are many course areas available. If your hand is prone to embroidery, you can easily make the model you want. Embroidery visuals for you in our article we have brought together we think it will be a useful sharing. You can take a look at the images that can be an idea for yourself or for our ladies. Wishing to be together again on new and different topics.

Ribbon embroidery drawing samples

Ribbons and embroidery

Use of ribbons in desired colors

Pulley use

Fabrics are easily worked on many fabrics.

Needle, pointed needles are used in making flowers. Needles with blunt ends, different sizes. Eye parts should be large allows the ribbon to pass easily.

Use of rope and beads

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Ribbon embroidery drawing images


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