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Do it yourself

Do it yourself

Instead of throwing away do it yourself you can evaluate many products. Pet bottles, cardboard boxes, glass jars, plastic products, etc. You can recycle a lot of recyclable items or you can prepare for use in different groups.

You can use your pen holder, piggy bank making, gift boxes, towel baskets and jeans as bags for your children.

Video explanations of dear mother written images are available on our page. By clicking on the link in our article, you can reach the video description of the recycling models you want. Wishing to be together again at the new recycling activities.

Recycling projects

Do it yourself

Pet bottle use

Shoe box use

Use of chocolate jars

Soda Bottles

Cardboard Roll

It is possible to renew old jeans and old slippers.

Recycle, do it yourself / diy, hobby and interesting ideas all and more, just click on our link. We would be very happy if you support us with appreciation and sharing in your social accounts.

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