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Knit Rabbit Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Knit Rabbit Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Rabbit Baby Blanket Making

Knit Rabbit Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Baby blanket making of Baby Blanket with Rabbit
Hi to everyone, we continue to make knitting videos for you every day again we came with a very nice baby blanket rabbit baby blanket you can choose the color you want according to your child’s gender we have preferred pink and white blanket
The ingredients I need for a rabbit baby blanket
4 yumak pemebe rope
1 ball of white rope
a little black rope
No. 2 crochet
a sharp scissors
desired color ribbon
sewing needle
Ingredients all depend on your preference
Making baby blanket with rabbit blanket our blanket first starts with rabbit ear
1st. Stage 10 we pull the chain
2nd ed. Stage in each pore a half Banister çıkartıyoruz a total of 9 tannin will be half Banister again 12 one chain leaf turn each pore half banister for the second ear 9 half Banister çıkartıyoruz the middle three chains remain

  1. Stage we pull 5 chains with white rope
  2. We combine the ends and fill in 28 pieces of double Banister
  3. Stage every bi Trabzon ikitane Trabzon çıkartıyoruz total 36
  4. Stage we have prepared before the rabbit ear White motifimize with half the banister from both banister we sink into a pore double all around the motifimizi end and without the second motif in the same way by doing the two motif in the middle tuturup fixing
    Pink rope around the motif by turning the chain between 3 chain corners 6 chain to take the shape of a rectangle 5 by making double Banister motifs finish the final Pompon eyes nose and collar bow we do a total of 20 motif would need
    All the details in our video to see more let’s watch the video
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    Who will do bye and good luck.

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