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Princess knit vest pattern free video

Princess knit vest pattern free video

We present the stylish vest pattern for girls whose princess vest pattern is fully made and has great summer visuals to our valued followers. Vest patterns are among the knits that are frequently preferred in crochet knitting. It is frequently applied especially in vest designs. Crochet patterns continue to be among the most popular choices in summer knitting.
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Princess vest pattern free

You can choose colored rope in the use of white color rope decoration section.
You can choose number 3,5 crochet in pattern explanation.
Preparation: First, we start by pulling the chain, 13 chains, 10 handrails and the pattern starts from the shoulder part. Let’s pull the chain and make a triple handrail, pull the chain between them and sink into each cage and apply the triple handrails. After reaching a certain size, an increase is applied from the middle part.
In the front part, 5 increments in one part and 20 patterns in the other front part were applied to the middle part. In the rear construction, we pull 43 chains and make a handrail, pull the chain and make a turn, we create boxes. Let’s complete it by adding the decoration detail to join the front parts to the back part by increasing the side parts. You can apply it by watching the video narration for its detailed construction. Good luck with..
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Princess vest pattern making free video


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