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Very nice knitting hat making

Very nice knitting hat making

Very nice knitting hat making

Thessaloniki-Looking A Paper Hat Made
Hello Knitting lovers, Instagramda many knitting ören friend saw and liked a Beret had. I took both the video for you and took the sample. This Beret which is woven with a Misty bottle is very easy to weave and when it is finished, it gives the impression of a salonika braid. I used tiny lines like my other friends, 40 cm in size. Because it takes a lot of time to knit with other long lines. I finished this Beret in an hour. It is very easy and very stylish, whether you want to gift this Beret or attach yourself. You’il be adding a different kind of air with your pumperons on it..
When it comes to our materials;
The model in the video Alize Burcum sunken and 5 No swollen used
The other Beret was nako winter sun 6 No shish I used


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