New Baby Vest Pattern Free

New Baby Vest Pattern Free

You can make a new baby vest pattern for free callers by watching the pattern in video narration.

Baby vests patterns are preferred according to the person. Among the most admired examples are the new vest pattern.

Baby vests are widely used. Baby vests continue to be used until certain age. Our mother candidates prefer a lot of vests. Because it is used continuously, several vests are needed. The number of vest making in different colors and different patterns is increasing.

Our friends who take the order will have a nice vest pattern inside. It is among the most beautiful vest patterns that can be made as a gift. Wishing to be together again in new knitted vest patterns.

New Baby Vest Pattern Free

Baby Vest Pattern Free

First, 68 stitches and harosha and mouse teeth are made with the technique.

Roba separations are 13 stitches for the front body, 10 stitches for the arm and 18 stitches in the back.

Those who have a tight hand in the skewer number can use 4 numbers. Loose ones can also choose 3, 5 numbers.

Let’s knit 4 teeth haraşo with 68 loops. The left side of the marrow study for the baby boy is being studied. We make the first 7 stitches haraşo and buttonhole. We do the flat knitting technique. We’re starting Roba separations. You can use bracket. We’re making an increment while making the distinctions. You can watch the video narration for the detailed construction of our model. Good luck with..

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New Baby Vest Pattern Free video


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