Amigurumi House Keychain Pattern

Amigurumi House Keychain Pattern

Amigurumi home keychain We present these beautiful little keychains, which are quite cute in structure, to the liking of our dear followers.

The Amigurumi home keychain model will be the most beautiful gift you can make for your loved ones and for yourself. How about making these beautiful keychains that are quite cute in appearance?

You can make a lot of key chains with the remaining threads in your hand. you can give your neighbor and your children a gift of your manual labor by applying a different decoration detail.

Amigurumi house key will be a good idea for our friends who have just bought a house. They can also give mevlits by making these sweet home keychains. It will be a lasting memory.

Goodbye with the wish to be together again in the new video narrations..

Making an Amigurumi House Keychain

2 Colors of rope preference
Colorful buttons
Colored beads
Needle and thread
choosing a 2 mm crochet
Let’s make six frequent injections into the magic ring. Let’s combine it with the scrolling technique. Let’s do 1 double 1 single shot. let’s go down 1 double 2 single. we make it in the form of 2 pairs of 3 single frequent needles. We make the roof model by increasing it. Until you get the size you want. We make the edge detail of the roof with different rope. We practice double handrails and frequent needles.

Again, we are creating our house with different ren rope selection and frequent needle technique. Let’s knit it until it reaches the size you want. Let’s finish decorating with button and bead details. You can watch the video narration for its detailed construction. good luck..

As always, we will be waiting for you for all kinds of questions, suggestions and requests in the comments section of the video, your comments are very valuable to us, so we are trying to respond as quickly as possible to make it easy for all knitting lovers in advance.

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VIDEO DESCRIPTION of the Construction of the Amigurumi House Keychain


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