Crochet Amigurumi Strawberries

Crochet Amigurumi Strawberries

We make beautiful strawberry motifs for amigurumi strawberry making crochet lovers. You can make an amigurumi strawberry model that can be used in many knitting models or that you can evaluate as a refrigerator magnet ornament by watching the video description.

By making the Amigurumi strawberry knitting Patterns a little smaller, you can apply them as pompoms in vest making, berets, knitted headbands, booties Patterns.

In the refrigerator magnet, our strawberry model is suitable. You can apply it as a gift on birthdays. You can prepare a fruit plate on our table as a decor in your kitchen. You can use Knitting patterns in many areas. Goodbye with the wish to be together again in the new video narrations.

Making Amigurumi Strawberries

Making Amigurumi Strawberries
Crochet 2.20 mm is preferred. You can choose the crochet that suits your hand.
The yesil, yesil, and yesilmaz fabrics were used.
Fiber and black processing rope, needle, scissors

We make magic rings. we pull out 6 chains and make frequent injections. we make 2 single frequent needles and 1 double frequent needle. 3 single frequent needles 1 double frequent needle 1 single frequent needle 1 double frequent needle We repeat 7 times. In total, there have been 28 frequent injections.

Let’s knit 3 rows in this way without increasing them. Then we subtract and give the strawberry model, do the planting process with a needle and give it the appearance of a core with a black thread.

We make the leaf part with a green string. yesilmaz. You can do this by watching our video for a detailed description.

Good luck.

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Amigurumi Strawberry Making VIDEO LECTURE


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