Crochet A Zebra

Crochet A Zebra

You can apply the zebra model as a playmate for your zebra-made children. The most commonly used knitting technique of recent times is amigurumi constructions.

If you want zebra making, you can apply it as a rattle, keychain. Although it may seem difficult to make, you can make it quite easy with video narration.

The fact that crochet amigurumi is in the field of interest of mothers brings us the construction of many animal theme toys. You can find amigurumi Patterns on our page.

Video lectures are very useful for our friends who want to learn new things. Goodbye with the wish to be together again in new knitting techniques..

Making a zebra

Amigurumi rope ( with diamonds)
The screwed eye
Crochet number 2.5 mm
First we make the legs. Let’s start by making a magic ring and make it into 6 frequent pins. We sink into each row and get 12 frequent needles. in the 3rd row we get 15 frequent needles. we knit 4,5,6 rows without increasing them. The two colored ropes are knitted together and the process of increasing them continues. In the same way, 4 leg parts are made and joined together. In total, you can apply it by watching the construction of the zebra with 3 video narrations.

Good luck..

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Just click on our link for amigurumi cloud construction, which is our different model.

You can apply zebra-made video narration by watching it here.


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