Made Easy Baby Strap (Cardigan) Models # 6 – Baby Sweets

Made Easy Baby Strap (Cardigan) Models # 6 – Baby Sweets

Hello friends, we made a very nice doll model with you in this video. In our knitting model we used two different colors, green and white.

If you are going to make baby girl, baby baby, you can adjust your colors accordingly. We recommend using two different colors in our model. If you follow it carefully and follow it step by step, you can do this model yourself.

** Do not forget to watch 1080p – 720p HD quality for details to be clear.

** You can slow down the speed by 0.25 – 0.50 from the video settings.

If there is a place you do not understand on the video, you can reach us from our social media accounts or here. We will try to help as much as we can.

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Made Easy Baby Strap (Cardigan) Models # 6 – Baby Sweets


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