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Lying Hair Braid Baby Vest Pattern

Lying Hair Braid Baby Vest Pattern

False hair mesh baby vest pattern is a seamless vest pattern application. We offer a very easy vest pattern to the appreciation of our valued followers.

Easy baby vest pattern is seamless, side button is quite easy to pattern with the video narration you can easily love the vest model.

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Lying Hair Braid Baby Vest Pattern

Suitable for 1 age group.

Side button

Making seamless

Choice of 6 wooden buttons

3,5 Number of skewers

Let’s start with 65 stitches for 1 year. Haraşo technique was applied to the back.

The length table is 33 centimeters, width 28 centimeters, collar play 11, 13 centimeters under arm.

Let’s have the stitches 8 teeth harosha knitting, for the edge of 10 stitches haraşo knitting, 3 reverse, 3 straight knitting as the last stitch again 10 knitting haraşo edge stitch. In this way, let’s build 5 rows, let’s set our model for detailed narration by watching our video. Good luck with..

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Lying Hair Braid Baby Vest Pattern Video


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