Leaf robe knit dress pattern

Leaf robe knit dress pattern

Leaf robe knitting dress pattern for two lovers of knitting patterns we offer children’s dress pattern to your liking. Girls think their mother is quite interested in knitting patterns. We hope you will like to apply dress ddesen. If you want, you can choose the rope according to the season. Or you can make our dress model as sweater, vest, cardigan.

Knitted dress patterns are very befitting and long-term use of knitting pattern is preferred by our friends who love.

Leaf detailed robe dress pattern is a knitting model that you can easily do with detailed video narration. There will be a very elegant knitting pattern among our ladies taking orders.

Leaf robe knit dress pattern

Suitable for ages 6/7.

The use of skewers number 3, 5, you can choose the skewer according to the thick and thin rope.

300 Gram rope was used.

Roba also consists of 12 leaves.

8 and multiples of the model.

We start at the collar. 96 We start by stitching. Combine the loops and apply the tire. In total, let’s start the model institution. Let’s make 7 flat weave, and let’s apply 7 flat weave again. In this way, let’s complete the order by making an increase of 7 knitting. In the second row, we do 7 flat knitting and reverse knitting. 7 While straight weaves are in progress, augmentation is in progress. You can follow the sample setup for detailed explanation. I wish to make it easy for our friends who already wish to do so.

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Leaf robe knit dress pattern video


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