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Leaf Patterned Booties Pattern For Free

Leaf Patterned Booties Pattern For Free

Leaf patterned booties pattern ladies handicraft weaving knitted patterns patterned crochet leaf patterned models we offer to the appreciation of our valuable followers.

The booties are among the knitted patterns of our girls. You can visit our website for different booties. Or click on the link in our article

You can find beautiful and stylish booties models for our friends who bought them from booties on Hope to be together again in the most beautiful booties models.

Leaf Patterned Booties Pattern For Free

Materials needed

1 Piece of booties

3 Number crochet preference, you can use a prone to your hand.

To cut the ropes (scissors)

We’re pulling 12 chains to do the nose. We straddle into the chains and make 11 handles on the last chain. We pull 2 chains and do 11 handrails on the other side. We are completing 5 rows of 20 handles with 2 handles and 1 handles on the corner. Our model consists of 2 motifs. The side portion is completed in 13 rows. It is made of handrail on 1 row. 46 handles are divided into 20 + 6 + 20. Heel removal is done. The needle is often sewn and sewn. With the edge lace, we complete the boot. Make it easy for everyone who wants to do it.

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Leaf Patterned Booties Pattern For Free

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