Knitting Mens baby vest pattern free

Knitting Mens baby vest pattern free

Knitting Mens baby vest pattern free
Tunisian work horse vest construction – EFE vest construction
Canimanne.hello to everyone from comdan this statement again, we are telling you a very nice request vest model. We think you’il like it very much.Two bottles of horse Efe vests are all over the place, but Tunisian work can not find the expression of horse Efe vests everywhere, for those who say videollu expression.

Our supplies for our vest
If you want to use different wool on the tape on the rope if you want to use the appropriate skewed or crochet you will see the vest for the age of two if you want to make bigger or smaller size of the size of the body we recommend that you always use our measurements according to the size of the body

Information about construction: We got our first chain loop, pull the front part of the vest with a loop for 45 45 every chain through the loop now loops back out of the noose, we collect our bottle and we left the rest 27 18 9 loop stitch by knitting 2 more when we come back, we went forward again go forward forward we went got the same shape as we did in every order of two loop two loop back and forth until the loop is reset and we put it in our our model in the same way we did for the other part of the front loop back loop 83 the mutual had a total of 90 in the front we started to warm to the two piece size 7 we reduced the width of the loop 30.31 cm length 35.36 cm shoulder height 13 cm let’s knit together by watching the video please send the results on canimanne facebook and istagata page you can share by label you know you like and share your videos also canimnet youtube channel if you have not subscribed please subscribe our brand-new videos first watch you love and care for


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