Knitted baby dress, vest, cardigan, sweater, overalls patterns (377)

Bilgi: Klavye yön tuşlarını kullanarak galeri resimleri arasında geçiş yapabilirsiniz.
  1. Helen Flannigan says:

    Can I buy the pattern for this?

    1. Gina mossop says:

      Can I buy this pattern

      1. Doreen says:

        It looks like Kadie-jade pattern number 87

    2. William Brown says:

      How do I get this pattern.

    3. Geesie says:

      Where Can I bay the pattern pleasr

  2. Elaine Mcintosh says:

    Have you the pattern for this pink rompers, hat & bootees please

    1. Sandra Linton-Brown says:

      I’d like to buy this pattern how and where would I be able to buy it from thanks

  3. antoinette says:

    ses t’une splendeur bravos

    1. Elizabeth says:

      There are no details on how to find the patterns I presume you have to sign up to get details this should be made clear

  4. Gina mossop says:

    Can I buy this pattern please

  5. Moira MacDonald says:

    Can I buy this pattern, please.

  6. Roxana Sone says:

    What is the point in putting a lovely baby pattern online if you can’t get the pattern for it? I like everyone else would like to get the pattern but for some unknown reason it isn’t available

  7. helene glastonbury says:

    i would like to buy this pattern as well

  8. Julie nesbitt says:

    Did anyone work out how to get this pattern?

  9. Carol Moger says:

    Can I buy this pattern please

  10. berardocco says:

    comment pourrais je avoir les explications de ce modele en français

  11. Manzano sabine says:

    It’s Vert beautiful
    I am française ans i Like this patern
    I Like buy it
    Thank you

  12. Margret Klingenberg says:

    Where can I find this pattern.

  13. Julie says:

    I really need this pattern ASAP where can I buy it from please x


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