How trees with sand beads / DIY İdeas

How trees with sand beads / DIY İdeas
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  • 21st January 2021 8:35 pm

How to make a tree with sand beads .. We make decorative trees in our own corner. With the use of sand beads, we present the tree model with great visuals to our valued followers. The construction phase is described in a detailed video narration. It is very easy and we think it will be a handicraft that you will be happy with applying. If you are keen on this type of handcrafts and you are prone to it, you can reveal different tree visuals by adjusting different beads and shape changes yourself.

How to make a tree with sand beads
Necessary materials

You can use flower wire 3 or 4 mm.

Small pincers

Natural stone 2 pieces

Use of solid color sand beads

Preparation: First, let’s adjust the wire size, you can cut between 15, 20 and 25 centimeters. You can thread the tele beads as many times as you want. The choice is up to you. Let’s take the beads passing through the wire to the middle of the wire, hold the two ends of the wire as one and turn the wire to the very end. Let’s prepare it in the same way, combine the wires we have prepared in three or five, we are combining again. We form the branches. Later, let’s give the tree visual, squeeze silicone on the stone and stick it on the lower part, and our bead tree model is ready. You can apply it by watching the video narration for its detailed construction. Good luck with..

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