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How to make beautiful wall mirror a plastic spoon

How to make beautiful wall mirror a plastic spoon
  • DIY
  • 12 April 2019

How to make a beautiful wall mirror with a plastic spoon How to make your house more elegant is the way of laying a cheap wall and a beautiful wall mirror.

Very cheaply with plastic spoons. We offer you a very easy-to-perform video narration.

It will be very easy and nice to have a very different wall mirror that you can do as an activity with your children. Hope to be with you again with new and different video narrations.

How to make beautiful wall mirror a plastic spoon


400 Pcs Plastic Spoons (170 Pcs Spoons For Small Mirrors were Used, 185 Pcs Spoons For Big Mirror

2 pcs small chipboard round 40cm (available from carpenters)

1 Piece Large Chipboard Round 65cm

2 Small Mirror Round 20cm (available from glass)

1 Piece Big Mirror Round 35cm

3 Pieces Large Size 300gr (400cc) Spray Paint Yellow (Available from Hardware)

1 Pack Hot Silicone (40 Pcs)

1 Pcs Hot Silicone Gun

10 Meters White Pearl

3 pieces dowels and screws for mounting

To find the center of the oversized altar, hold the large mirror in the center of the large altar and measure it from the outside to the inside by 15 cm from each angle, and mark this distance with a pencil. To find the middle of the small size chipboards, hold the small mirror in the center of the small sundage and measure it from 10 cm to 10 cm from the inside outwards and mark this distance with a pencil.

Remove the stems of the spoons from their bodies. We’il stick the inside of the spoons.

We will stick 3 rows of spoons for small mirrors, let’s start to paste from outside to inside. Carefully stick the distances between the spoons to each other at a moderate distance, neither too narrow nor too wide.

We’ll stick 4 rows of spoons for the big mirror, let’s start sticking from outside to inside. Let’s not go over the round we draw in the middle of the board.

I painted it with spray paint. When painting, you need to pay attention to painting on all sides evenly. According to the type of spray paint, you can make the 2nd coat of paint 2 hours apart. Wait 5-6 hours for the paint of all the mirrors to dry.

To hang the mirror, drill 1 hole in the top row of the board and drill a hole with half a finger inwards. Let us pass a solid rope through the opening. Our bear is ready for the vine.

Let the center of the mirrors to be evenly sprayed with plenty of hot silicone.

How to make beautiful wall mirror a plastic spoon video lecture


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